French for ALL!

All about me
Futuroscope near Poitiers My name is Joanne.

I am a French national and I have lived in England for the past 14 years.
I live in Cambridge with my family.

My home village is Nouaillé Maupertuis, near Poitiers in Poitou-Charentes (people usually go through it on their way to the south-west of France or Spain). Nouaille-Maupertuis info

Nouaillé is the village where the Black Prince defeated the French army in 1356.
Every year the battle is re-lived during medieval celebrations.

The Futuroscope with its dazzling array of cinemas, is also close by.

If you are after history and monuments, the Poitou region is full of Romanesque architecture.
Notre-Dame-la-Grande in Poitiers is probably the most famous but the region is full of old abbeys and churches.

Just North is Tours in the Loire Valley (famous worldwide for its castles). Tours is the recognised reference for ‘pure’ French accent (i.e. no regional accent).

Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers Notre-Dame de Rouen, Monet I have postgraduate qualifications from French (Poitiers and Rouen, Normandy) and British Universities ( Norwich and Cranfield).

I have worked in British Universities, schools and nurseries.

I hold enhanced CRB checks and a list of referees can be obtained on request.

For further details, please contact Joanne: / 07939 062497